Exit Plan
S7 episode 5 Aired on July 11, 2013

Thanks to Burke’s sacrifice, Michael, Sam, and Jesse were able to free SONYA LEBEDENKO (Alona Tal) from a Russian black site prison. Now Michael must gain Sonya’s trust and find a way to get everyone back to Miami.

Things get more complicated when a brilliant GRU agent, OKSANA ZHIRHOV (Marina Benedict), arrives in Cuba to hunt Michael and Sonya down. If the team wants to have any hope of making it out of the country, they’ll have to take care of Oksana first.

While Sonya and Michael try to steal a private plane, Sam and Jesse approach Oksana, posing as international bounty hunters, and offer to help with her manhunt. They do their best to mislead Oksana, but she still manages to figure out where Michael and Sonya are hiding. The only way Sam and Jesse can keep Oksana from sending her men to the airport is to convince her that Michael and Sonya aren’t trying to escape, but they’re, instead, getting ready to attack.

Meanwhile Carlos tries to take Fiona on a vacation to New Orleans, but Strong has her arrested to prove that as long as Michael’s on this mission, Fiona will have to be too.