Brother In Arms
S7 episode 4 Aired on June 27, 2013

Randall Burke (Adrian Pasdar) recruits Michael and his friends to break one of his comrades, Sonya, out of a Russian black site prison based near Havana, Cuba.

Michael infiltrates the prison by posing as a defector who’s willing to trade CIA intelligence in exchange for the Russians’ protection. Once inside, Michael does his best to convince them that as long as they hold Sonya at that prison, they’re in danger of a CIA attack designed to liberate her. He tells them the only way to keep their prisoner out of American hands is if they agree to move Sonya to another location. What he doesn’t tell them, is that’s exactly when Burke, Jesse, and Sam would strike.

But given Michael’s past with the Russians, they aren’t so quick to take him at his word. The only way Michael can convince the Russians that the CIA knows everything about their black site prison is to identify a mole in their organization. That’s why Michael has Fiona and Madeline kidnap a agent from the Russian consulate back in Miami and set him up to look like he betrayed his country.

The plan works and the Russians believe Michael’s story about the imminent CIA attack. Unfortunately, instead of moving their prisoner, like Michael had recommended, the Russians call for military reinforcements to guard the prison. Once the reinforcements arrive, it’ll be impossible to get Michael or Sonya out.

If Burke, Sam, and Jesse want to have any chance of saving Michael and Sonya, they’ll have to figure out a whole new escape plan and they’ll have to do it fast…