Down Range
S7 episode 3 Aired on June 20, 2013

RANDALL BURKE (Adrian Pasdar) wants Michael’s help stealing a multi-million dollar piece of satellite technology so he can sell it to an infamous terrorist. ANDREW STRONG (Jack Coleman) sees this as the perfect opportunity to capture both Burke and the buyer in one fell swoop. Michael’s mission is to help Burke complete the job, so the sale will go down as planned. Once everyone’s in place, the CIA can move in.

The job won’t be easy, though. The satellite uplink is guarded by heavily armed mercenaries, so Michael has Sam and Jesse sneak into the Dominican Republic to help with the heist.

They manage to successfully break into the facility and steal the equipment, but not without paying a terrible price. Sam’s forced to shoot a defenseless guard to save the mission.

With the satellite equipment in his possession, Burke sets up the sale while Strong and his CIA team lays their trap. But the CIA’s plan falls to pieces when it turns out that Burke’s sale was only a cover for his more nefarious intentions… 

Meanwhile, back in Miami, Nate’s bookie tracks Madeline down to collect on Nate’s debt… all eighty thousand of it. The bookie threatens to hurt Charlie if she doesn’t pay up. Madeline goes to Fiona for help and, together, they teach the bookie how it feels to be in debt to someone.