Forget Me Not
S7 episode 2 Aired on June 13, 2013

When Dexter Gamble (Nick Tarabay) learns that Michael is still in the CIA, Michael rushes to Miami to protect his cover by hunting Gamble down. The CIA only allows Michael to go under one condition, though: He must not have any contact with his friends. 

When Michael arrives in Miami, he finds his friends are already trying to hunt Gamble down themselves. Michael and the CIA decide to keep a close eye on Fiona, Sam, and Jesse in order to piggyback on their investigation while still keeping a safe distance. As Michael is forced to spy on his friends, he gets to see how their lives have changed in his absence. Seeing Fiona in her new life, with her new boyfriend, Carlos (Stephen Martines), is especially difficult. As Michael watches Fiona, he can’t help but flashback to the first time they met back in Ireland.

Eventually, Michael’s friends catch up with Gamble, but Michael has no choice but to intervene when Gamble kidnaps Fiona and takes her hostage.