Tipping Point
S7 episode 11 Aired on August 23, 2013

Michael manages to copy all the files off of Sonya’s cell phone and hand it over to the CIA. With that information, Strong is able to determine James’ next location. Strong hires a team of intelligence freelancers to capture James and Sonya while Michael leads them into his trap.

The ambush doesn’t go as planned, though, and James and Sonya manage to escape the capture team, which forces Michael to continue to play along as the CIA chases them down. But when Michael finds out the capture mission is being led by a murderous psychopath from his past, SIMON ESCHER (Garret Dillahunt, Ep.316), he starts to question if he’s working for the right team.

In order to complete the mission, Michael tries to put his objections aside and work with Simon, but when Simon starts executing unarmed prisoners, Michael is pushed over the edge, and ends up killing him. Deeply disturbed by the fact that the CIA would allow a monster like Simon to roam free, Michael decides to help James and Sonya escape.

After they’re safely away, James realizes that the only person who knew the location of their meeting was Sonya, leading him to believe that Sonya is the one who betrayed him. Unwilling to allow Sonya to die for what he’s done, Michael comes clean and admits he’s been working for the CIA the entire time.