Things Unseen
S7 episode 10 Aired on August 15, 2013

James orders Michael and Sonya to assassinate an intelligence broker, ROGER STEELE (Sebastian Roché), for getting too close to uncovering their secret organization. The reason James has chosen Michael for the job is because Michael and Roger are old friends. Michael tries to convince Strong to abduct Steele before the assassination can occur, but Strong refuses, pointing out that any intervention by the CIA would blow Michael’s cover. In order to stop Sonya from killing Steele in a way that would get dozens of other innocent people killed, Michael’s forced use his friendship with Steele to lure him into a deadly trap.

Meanwhile, Carlos, Fiona’s boyfriend, gets word that some bad guys from his old neighborhood have been asking around about him. Turns out a high-level gang member, NANDO (Jesse Borrego), has gotten out of prison early and knows that Carlos is the one who testified against him for smuggling cocaine. Now the only way to put Nando back in prison for good is to get another witness to come forward and rat on Nando for a murder he committed years ago. While Carlos tries to arrange the witnesses’ testimony, he’s betrayed and kidnapped by Nando. Nando proceeds to torture Carlos for the identity of the other witness. In order to save Carlos, Fiona turns to Michael and Sonya for help… but that help comes at a terrible cost.