New Deal
S7 episode 1 Aired on June 6, 2013

It’s been nine months since Michael and his friends were released from CIA custody. Since then, Michael’s been living a life of squalor in the Dominican Republic, fighting in bars for money, and drinking it all away. It seems like Michael’s life has completely fallen apart, but he’s actually just deep under cover.

Andrew Strong (Jack Coleman), a cynical CIA officer who’s dedicated the last 8 years of his life to a seemingly hopeless mission, has recruited Michael to help him take down a dangerous terrorist, Randall Burke (Adrian Pasdar).  Michael’s the perfect choice for the job thanks to his pariah status with the CIA and an assignment he did with Burke in Chechnya years back. It may be dangerous, but Strong points out that if Michael refuses to do this mission, he and his friends will all go back to jail.

After a long wait, Burke finally approaches Michael and offers him a job. Burke wants Michael to break into a Dominican private security firm with one of his operatives and plant a bomb. If Michael wants to complete his mission, take Burke and his network down, and keep his friends safe, he has no choice but to follow through with the plan. 

Meanwhile, Michael’s friends aren’t as safe as he’d like to think. A mysterious man is questioning Michael’s friends and family, approaching each one under a different false identity. All the encounters have only one thing in common: the man’s questions are all about Michael and his current involvement in the CIA.