Under the Gun
S6 episode 4 Aired on July 11, 2012

Michael is trying to find out who used a prison guard to go after Fiona. He, Sam, and Jesse find the guard shot dead at his house... with Rebecca (Season 5, Episode 18), Anson's right-hand-woman, standing over the body. Rebecca takes Sam hostage as she flees to the Everglades, forcing Michael and Jesse to chase after them without help from the police or CIA.

While Sam remains in peril, Fiona's faced with two deadly prison assassins. Fiona turns to Ayn (Seaso 6, Episode 3) whose underground connections could save her life. Ayn agrees, but only if Fi helps her with a favor on the outside. With everyone else busy in the Everglades, the only person Fiona can call on is Madeline.