Last Rites
S6 episode 3 Aired on June 28, 2012

Michael is granted permission to visit Fiona, but before he arrives, she needs to find out who's trying kill her. Fiona goes to the prison's black-market dealer, Ayn, for the information she needs, but it doesn't come cheap.

While Michael counts down the hours until he can see Fiona, Pearce receives a file from Anson Fullerton. It contains the location of Ahmed Damour, the man who murdered her asset back in 2003... but he wasn't just any asset, he was Pearce's fiancé.

Pearce wants the team's help exacting revenge, but Ahmed has been selling information to the CIA and is under their protection. That means they need to find a way to take down Ahmed without destroying Pearce's career. As the mission moves forward, Michael becomes increasingly worried that Pearce cares more about revenge than her own future.