Mixed Messages
S6 episode 2 Aired on June 21, 2012

Fiona is in a federal prison and Michael's worried she may lose hope of ever getting out. Desperate to see her, Michael goes to the CIA officer who trained him, TOM CARD (John C. McGinley), for help. Michael hasn't forgiven Card for abandoning him after his burn notice, but Card is the only person he knows who can help him see Fiona. In exchange for Card's help, Michael agrees to help stop a Mexican cartel from gaining a foothold in Miami. Michael and Jesse pose as dirty DEA agents to get close, but when he's almost recognized, Michael abandons the mission, leaving Jesse to fend for himself.

While Michael and the team risk their lives, Fiona does what she can to save her own. A dangerous inmate has placed Fiona in her crosshairs and is waiting for the right moment to strike. Michael has no idea that even if he gets permission to see Fiona... she may already be dead.