You Can Run
S6 episode 17 Aired on December 20, 2012

Jason Bly reaches out to Michael with an offer: if Michael turns himself in to the CSS, Bly will spare him from Riley's increasingly lethal tactics and try to keep Michael's friends out of jail. But, Fiona hears about the arrangement, and refuses to agree to any plan that requires Michael to sacrifice himself.

With their false identities in order, the team heads to the port, looking for a ship that can take them out of the country. But, Olivia Riley is one step ahead of them, and shows up with a CIA strike team. Most of Michael's team manages to escape, but Jesse is captured and Sam is badly wounded.

Michael manages to capture a member of Riley's strike team and begins interrogating him, and Riley works on finding a way to manipulate Jesse into cooperating. The race is on to see which side can break their prisoner first and gain the upper hand.