Odd Man Out
S6 episode 16 Aired on December 13, 2012

Madeline's luck has finally run out and she's forced to go on the run with Michael and the others. But before anyone can go anywhere, they need buy black-market RFID chips to go with their falsified passports. With Calvin Schmidt's smuggling business in shambles, the only person who can provide the chips is Schmidt's bitter rival, Vannek.

While the team works to get this last piece in place, Madeline struggles with the harsh reality of abandoning her old life, so Jesse opts to stay behind and keep an eye on her.

But when the rest of team meets with a programmer who's implanted the illicit computer chips into their passports, just as their deal is about to come to a close, Vannek shows up with a small cadre of armed thugs.

Michael, Sam, Fiona, and Schmidt make a run for it and take shelter in an abandoned factory. As it turns out, Vannek's decided to come after them because Schmidt, unwilling to pass up an opportunity to hurt his competition, called the FBI on him.

Now Michael and the team have to fight to stay alive long enough until Jesse and Madeline can devise a way to rescue them, but Vannek offers another option: If Michael hands Schmidt over, Vannek will let the rest of them go. As the team's chances of survival diminish, sacrificing Schmidt may be their only way out.