Best Laid Plans
S6 episode 15 Aired on December 6, 2012

Michael needs Madeline to get in touch with Barry so he can throw the CIA off their scent with a false money trail, but Madeline finds herself in her own heap of trouble when she's arrested by Olivia Riley.

Even if Barry can help cover their tracks, the team still has to get enough money to pay for their new identities. Michael has the idea to recover an expensive piece of merchandise from Calvin Schmidt's abandoned warehouse and sell it for the money they need.

Jesse, Fiona, and Schmidt attempt to recover a piece of tech used for remotely disabling security systems, but the warehouse turns out to be heavily guarded by the police, and the machine is badly damaged during their escape.

If Schmidt doesn't deliver the device within a few hours, his client has threatened to kill him. With no other options, Michael and the team try to patch up the irreparable device, hoping the client won't notice the damage until after the money has changed hands. But when the client insists that Sam and Schmidt accompany him on a test run of the device, it's not just the team's freedom that hangs in the balance... but Sam and Schmidt's lives.