Down and Out
S6 episode 14 Aired on November 29, 2012

Olivia Riley begins putting pressure on Madeline to see if she'll accidentally lead the CIA to where Michael's hiding. With their enemies closing in, Michael and the team have to find a discrete way to get out of the country, so Michael seeks out an infamous smuggler named Calvin Schmidt (Patton Oswalt). But as it turns out, Schmidt already has his hands full with a Syrian ex-spy, who's wife he helped smuggle out of the country years ago. The ex-spy will stop at nothing for the opportunity to torture Schmidt for information about his wife's location, so before Schmidt can help Michael and his friends get out of the country, Michael will have to solve Schmidt's problem first.

Michael plants himself in one of Schmidt's warehouses, posing as an ex-employee, hoping that when the Syrian ex-spy comes to attack, he'll take Michael prisoner. If everything goes according to plan, Michael will be able to send the ex-spy into a trap. Of course, for any of this to work, Michael will have to survive being captured first.