Eye for an Eye
S5 episode 9 Aired on August 18, 2011

Michael and Sam rush to apprehend and interrogate a Romanian war criminal connected to Max's murder. The Romanian isn't easily intimidated, though, and shows no signs of cooperating. Michael's only hope is to find something he cares about and leverage it against him, but appealing to his sentimentality is no easy task.

Meanwhile, James Forte, a wealthy pharmaceutical executive, hires Jesse and Fiona to assuage the fears of his wife who believes someone has been breaking into their house. During a stakeout, Jesse and Fiona catch the intruder but decide against turning him over because they think he's the rightful owner of James' company. In order to set the record straight and to get James to confess to the truth, they'll have to prey on James' paranoia by having Michael pose as his psychotic stalker.