Hard Out
S5 episode 8 Aired on August 11, 2011

Fiona uses clues from a sophisticated bomb to learn the identity of the person who built it, someone involved in framing Michael for Max's (Ep. 501) murder. Fiona turns to an old associate, Armand, for help in her hunt, and while he's happy to provide assistance, he does nothing for free. To get the info she wants, she and Sam must steal a shipment of armor-piercing rounds from a heavily armed munitions manufacturer.

Michael wants to help Fiona, but he and Agent Pearce have orders to extract a low-life named Steve Cahill from an island in the Caribbean. The simple extraction turns dire when Michael finds out that that Cahill is selling government secrets to an ill-intentioned mercenary army that has completely surrounded the island. Michael devises a plan to convince the mercenaries that he, Jesse, and Pearce are internal security advisors sent to evaluate the island's defenses. The Mercenary leader is wary of giving them any security access, however, much less keeping them alive.