S5 episode 2 Aired on June 30, 2011

Jesse recruits Michael to help find a young girl who was kidnapped by a deadly gang of Yakuza human traffickers. When Jesse, Sam, and Fiona capture a Yakuza gangster named Takeda, it's up to Michael to interrogate him. Since Takeda's Yakuza background has conditioned him against conventional interrogation techniques, Sam recruits Madeline to help as well. Both Michael and Madeline are pushed to their limits when the roles they play bring up painful memories.

Meanwhile, Michael's forced to divide his time between interrogating Takeda and going on his next mission for the CIA, babysitting a lecherous nuclear physicist. As the interrogation with Takeda heats up, Michael asks Fi to take over his babysitting job. Fi agrees, but her methods prove to be anything but subtle.