Fail Safe
S5 episode 18 Aired on December 15, 2011

In the season five finale, Anson's master plan has finally been revealed: to rebuild the organization that burnt Michael Westen. Michael has vowed to not let that happen, but the fact still remains that disobeying Anson means sacrificing Fiona forever. Desperate for leverage, Sam tracks some payments Anson had made to a small weapon's facility in Tampa. There's a chance that whatever's in that facility might directly link Anson to the consulate bombing and vindicate Fiona.

While Sam and Fiona go to check out Anson's secret weapons cache, Michael's given another mission by Agent Pearce. For the first time since he's been burned, Michael will lead a team of CIA operatives in a snatch and grab rendition of an elusive spy who's been freelancing for multiple terrorist organizations, but, as it turns out, the timing of this assignment is no coincidence. Anson tells Michael that if he doesn't want Fiona to go to jail, he'll have to burn Pearce and his CIA team to help rebuild Anson's organization.

As time runs out, Michael's determination turns to desperation to find a way to stop Anson without ruining anymore lives, but that may just be delaying the inevitability that someone must be sacrificed.