Acceptable Loss
S5 episode 17 Aired on December 8, 2011

While Anson was successful in quietly moving all of his money out of his traceable accounts, Barry was able to use his expertise to follow a singular payment that Anson had made to a shady Washington D.C. law firm. Michael and Fiona fly up to D.C. and find a file on an old "friend," Vaughn, the man responsible for burning Michael. Now Michael will have to get Vaughn transferred out of Guantanamo bay in order to learn what the link is between him and Anson. It's a long shot, but if Michael can figure out how they're connected, perhaps he can learn what Anson's larger plans are and finally put a stop to them.

While Michael meets with Vaughn, Jesse gets invited to a retirement party for an old friend of his from the state department, Ian. Only when Jesse arrives, it turns out that it isn't a party. It's a proposition. Ian doesn't want to leave his job with any regrets, so he wants Jesse's help to take care of his biggest one: a rotten Indian diplomat who's been using his immunity to smuggle conflict diamonds into the U.S. Ian's had to sit idly by and watch this man make money off of the suffering of others for years and, before Ian retires, he wants to take the dirty diplomat down. The team agrees to help by setting up a fake diamond deal with the diplomat, in hopes of getting close enough to steal irrefutable evidence to use against him. But when things go wrong, nobody on the team could have guessed as to how far Ian would be willing to go to get the job done.