Depth Perception
S5 episode 16 Aired on December 1, 2011

Anson wants Michael to go to the Cayman Islands to retrieve a large sum of money from an account that once belonged to his nefarious organization. The account is under government surveillance, so someone will have to travel to the Cayman Islands and surreptitiously move the money in person. Since Michael is under the scrutiny of the CIA, he sends Jesse and Fiona in his place. Once there, they will have to convince a dirty banker to move Anson's money without raising any red flags. The only problem is they'll have to trust the word of a dirty banker to do it.

Meanwhile, Beatriz, Sam's old friend from Colombia, has come to him for help. Since they last saw each other, Beatriz has become an influential journalist in Bogota. Something she'd written in a previous article has driven a skilled assassin to make an attempt on her life. Sam and Michael are willing to protect her as long as they possibly can, but if they want to stop Beatriz's would-be-assassin for good, they'll need to learn more about him. Desperate for information, they're forced to turn to Anson for help.