Breaking Point
S5 episode 14 Aired on November 10, 2011

Michael has his new security clearance granted by the CIA, a major step toward having his burn notice lifted. But celebrations are cut short when Michael is told to gain access to the CIA database with his new clearance and erase any incriminating information that may point to Anson. To learn more about Anson's plans, Fiona plants a tracker on his car.

While the team tracks Anson, Michael gets some disturbing news: his childhood friend, Andre, has just been murdered in what seems to be a gang-related incident. Ricky (Ep.206), Andre's brother, believes there's something more to this story, so it's up to him and Michael to bring the murderer to justice. But as they get closer to catching Andre's killer, it becomes apparent that Ricky and Michael might be too emotionally involved to handle this rationally.