Dead to Rights
S5 episode 12 Aired on September 8, 2011

Pearce has arrested Michael for Max's murder (Ep.504) and is sending him to a federal holding facility via armed convoy. However, Jesse and Sam have found the real killer, a Romanian assassin named Tavian Korzha (Ep. 510), trapped on an island just off the Florida coast. Jesse and Sam stop the convoy and appeal to Pearce's doubts, convincing her to let Michael talk to Tavian before law enforcement moves in. Michael meets with Tavian while wearing a wire and Pearce hears Tavian confess to murdering Max and framing Michael. Michael tries to offer Tavian a deal, but knowing there's no escape, Tavian jumps to his death, finally putting an end to the CIA's investigation.

Michael doesn't have much time to decompress, though. He's visited by Larry (Ep. 208), who recently escaped an Albanian prison. He's come to Michael for help stealing sensitive documents from a British consulate. To facilitate the job, Larry has kidnapped Anson, a Defense Intelligence Agency psychiatrist with access to the facility. If Michael doesn't cooperate with Larry, Larry will detonate a bomb that he's strapped to Anson's wife. Michael agrees to help, but that's before Sam and Fiona learn that Larry plans to kill Michael once the job is over.