Past and Future Tense
S4 episode 7 Aired on July 22, 2010

Michael and Jesse learn from Kendra that the person behind the global wars for profit hired a team to rip off a bank safe deposit box somewhere in Miami. When the team failed to complete the task, Kendra was sent to tie up all the loose ends. With no other leads to follow, Jesse decides to make contact with his former handler, Marv, at an intelligence conference that is taking place in Miami.

While at the conference Michael notices a Russian “wetwork” team attempting to smuggle themselves passed security. Michael thinks that he himself might be the target, but quickly discovers the Russians are actually in Miami to eliminate a retired American intelligence operative, Paul Anderson. To keep Paul safe, Michael must leverage a United States congressman to get Paul back into the good graces of the American Intelligence community, all while keeping the Russian operatives at bay.