Last Stand
S4 episode 18 Aired on December 16, 2010

With Barrett’s list back in Michael's possession, the team puts together a plan to turn over the list to a trustworthy government source. Sam suggests giving the list to congressmen Cowley, but it's easier said than done. Cowley isn't exactly friendly with Michael after their run in with the Russian wetwork team in "Past and Future Tens" (Season 4 Episode 7).

Sam and Madeline try to convince Cowley to help, while Michael, Fiona and Jesse search for a secure hiding place for the list. Before they can stash the list, Vaughn sends an assault team to take Michael out. Michael, Fiona, and Jesse take refuge in an abandoned hotel and must hold off Vaughn’s men long enough to find a away to escape, and get Barrett’s list to Congressman Cowley.