Brotherly Love
S4 episode 15 Aired on December 2, 2010

Michael’s brother Nate visits Miami, but Michael quickly realizes that Nate isn’t in town just to see the family. Nate has agreed to help some old friends track down a car that was stolen from their shop. The complication: the car was loaded with drugs and now a dangerous drug kingpin is holding them responsible for losing the stash. Michael must dust off an old cover ID, “Johnnie” the slick talking car thief, and find the missing car before Nate and his friends wind up dead.

While Michael deals with his family issues, Sam and Jesse travel to the Dominican Republic to try to get their hands on Barrett’s list. Sam discovers the list is always in motion, using a series of motorcycle couriers traveling in different routes all over the city. Sam and Jesse must develop their own local network of spies to locate the list before it is auctioned off to the highest bidder.