Eyes Open
S4 episode 13 Aired on November 11, 2010

Michael wakes up in the hospital after being severely wounded in the altercation with John Barrett and his men in Episode 412. But while Michael was busy fighting for his life in a hospital bed, the federal government launched a full-scale investigation into Barrett, and Barrett’s organization, taking it apart piece by piece.


Unfortunately the most important piece is still missing-- the briefcase containing the real names of the people who burned Michael. Michael must find the man that took the briefcase and get it back before it drops off the grid forever.


Michael must also come to terms with Jesse Porter, and figure out if they can work alongside each other to recover the briefcase.


While recovering at the hospital Michael stumbles into the Emergency Room to discover a bomb has ripped through a residential neighborhood. Even worse, a familiar name is at the center: Former client, big time defense attorney Adam Scott (Season 4 Episode 12).

Michael approaches Scott and realizes the attorney wanted justice for his daughter, and couldn’t let the men who kidnapped her walk away without being properly punished. To exact his revenge Scott enlisted the services of a bomb-making psychopath he once defended, Dennis Barfield.

Dennis is unhinged and isn’t concerned with the massive collateral damage that happens as a result of Scott’s revenge, so Michael orders Scott to call him off. When Scott won’t listen, Michael is forced to approach the psychotic menace head on in order to prevent more bloodshed.