Friends and Enemies
S4 episode 1 Aired on June 3, 2010

After apprehending Simon and saving Management's life, Michael finds himself held prisoner in a secret holding facility. There he meets Vaughn (Robert Wisdom), a key figurehead in the organization responsible for burning Michael. Vaughn tells Michael that Simon's escape is connected to an outbreak of worldwide destruction, and he needs Michael's help to find the person who's pulling the strings. Vaughn gives Michael a choice: he can sit in his cell for the rest of his life, letting his talents as an international covert operative go to waste, or they can unite against a common enemy.

Upon returning to Miami for a long overdue reunion, Michael finds Sam and Fiona neck deep in a case that has spun out of control. They took a job helping a young lawyer deal with a local thug, only to find out the thug is actually a major Lieutenant in the most dangerous biker gang in South Florida.

Michael must keep the biker gang at bay, while also working with Vaughn to track down the man behind the global mayhem.