Sins of Omission
S2 episode 15 Aired on February 26, 2009

With the knowledge that Victor is the one who is after him, Michael puts his life into lock down, sending Nate to Las Vegas and bringing Madeleine to the apartment. Everyone is shocked when Michael's ex-fiancé Samantha arrives to ask for help. A thief, Samantha was approached by a black market trader named Brennan to steal a guidance chip for UAV spy drones from a defense contractor called AFC Industries. As incentive, Brennan kidnapped Samantha's son Charlie. Samantha was able to get the chip, but only by taking a job at AFC. When they find out it's gone, it won't take them long to learn that Samantha is the one that took it. If that happens, Samantha will become one of the most wanted people in the country. Michael and the team plan to make the trade and then recover the chip from Brennan. However, Brennan arrives with an insurance policy: an explosive device molded to Charlie's arm. Michael and the team get Charlie to safety, but they need to devise a new plan.

Meanwhile, Victor finally agrees to a friendly meet. But Michael wants answers, so he improvises a stun gun, knocks Victor out and takes him back to the apartment. Michael is going to get his answers one way or another.