Truth and Reconciliation
S2 episode 14 Aired on February 19, 2009

Michael meets with Gustavo, who has a file on the party tied to the Caymen bank account. But Gustavo is not who he claims to be, and when he pulls a knife Michael kills him in self-defense. Michael is intent on finding who sent Gustavo to kill him, but he is first approached by a Haitian man named Claude Laurent who has come to Miami following a corrupt government official named Jean Pierre Duman. The Duman family committed terrible atrocities in Haiti, including killing Claude's daughter, and Claude wants to bring Duman back to Haiti to stand trial. Michael poses as an employee of Flintridge Industries, the company that built jails in Haiti for the Duman family. Michael claims Flintridge wants distance from the acts committed by Duman, and that includes cleaning the records of the Duman Family. Michael hopes he can get his hands on Duman's records, paving the way for Sam's FBI contacts to have Duman extradited.

Meanwhile, Fiona's leads connect Gustavo to a storage unit. Hoping to draw out the person who sent Gustavo, Michael shows up at the storage unit. Sure enough, Michael's unknown adversary is waiting in ambush.