Bad Breaks
S2 episode 13 Aired on February 12, 2009

Michael ask Barry to track the Cayman bank account number he got from Derek Poole, but C.S.S. Agent Jason Bly shows up. He can pin Michael to Barry's illegal snooping, and he's itching for revenge after Michael blackmailed him into leaving town. Adding to the irritation, Michael has to help his mother's friend Paula, an assistant manager at a private bank, deal with a stalker named Prescott. Bly follows Michael to Paula's bank, but when Prescott arrives with four armed men, Michael realizes too late that Prescott is actually a bank robber. Michael, Bly and the rest of the bank patrons are taken hostage. Michael and Bly will have to work together if they are going to get out alive.

Having survived the ordeal, Michael and Bly decide to bury the hatchet. Michael gives Bly the blackmail folder in exchange for the information he needs about the Cayman bank account. But Bly leaves Michael with a word of warning; looking into the account set off a trip wire. Whoever owns the account knows Michael is coming.