Seek and Destroy
S2 episode 12 Aired on February 5, 2009

Having identified the bomber as Derek Poole, Michael reaches out to Seymour the arms dealer to help track him down. Seymour agrees to help, but he needs money to spread around. Running low on cash, Michael poses as a corporate espionage specialist to take a job for wealthy art dealer Scott Chandler. Chandler found a bug in his office and is worried that the competition is hacking into his files. It seems like a no fuss job, but things take a turn when Michael finds out that Chandler's receptionist Melanie is the one doing the spying. Chandler represented Melanie's father, the artist J.D. Blake. Blake threatened to fire Chandler before he could sell one of Blake's most expensive paintings. But Blake wound up dead and the painting went missing.

Meanwhile, with Seymour's help Michael and Fiona capture Derek Poole. But Poole claims he's just a hired hand, the guy they want is his employer. All Poole can offer is the number to an account in the Caymans. It's not much, but it puts Michael one step closer to learning who wants him dead.