Hot Spot
S2 episode 11 Aired on January 29, 2009

At Sam's behest, Michael agrees to meet with Sean, a former pro footballer turned local high school coach who needs help. One of his players, Corey Jensen, got into a scuffle with Felix Cole, the ringleader of a local gang of car thieves. Corey was defending his sister, and now Felix wants him dead. Michael and the team come up with their plan: pose as a rival gang and chase Felix out of town.

Meanwhile, Carla is pressing Michael to find the bomber. Michael senses vulnerability, and he is actually one step ahead of her. Fiona locates the bomber's house, but she walks into a fiery trap. Thinking he's lost Fiona, Michael is relieved when she walks back into his apartment, and their passion is reignited, if only for an evening.