False Flag
S1 episode 9 Aired on September 13, 2007

Michael is hired by Evelyn, an attractive woman whose ex-husband, Doug, has taken their son and gone into hiding. Michael connects emotionally with Evelyn, whose passion for protecting her troubled, gifted son strikes a deep chord. Fiona is angry and frustrated by the way Michael is allowing his emotions to interfere with his judgment, and drops off the case. Michael finds Doug hiding in the woods... only to discover that Evelyn is actually an assassin, hired to kill Doug before he can go into witness protection. She used Michael to do the legwork of finding her target; now she's going to finish the job.

No longer the fragile housewife she was pretending to be, Evelyn turns out to be a cunning adversary, as well as a long-time admirer of Michael's. A former operative, Evelyn will stop at nothing to find Doug and kill him. She's not above going after the people Michael cares about to get the information she wants. With help from Fiona and Sam, Michael comes up with a plan to save Doug. Michael must think like an assassin and use the connection he had with Evelyn to turn the tables on her.

Meanwhile, Michael's plans to travel to Washington D.C. to confront the man who burned him are put on hold when he discovers that the man is coming to Miami to confront him instead.