Wanted Man
S1 episode 7 Aired on August 16, 2007

Fiona’s new gig as a freelance bounty hunter nets an accused jewel thief and bumbling fugitive named Thomas McKee. Believing he’s innocent, she hides him instead of turning him in and gets Michael to help clear his name. Michael must first locate the brooch and the real thief. After discovering that the culprit is Thomas McKee’s boss, Lawrence Henderson, a financially desperate hotel owner, he devises a plan to steal it back. After doing recon on Lawrence’s home Michael realizes that his security is so tight that a break in would be impossible. Instead, Michael must use spy-ops techniques to convince Lawrence that being robbed is not only possible, but also likely, so Lawrence will move the brooch into the open, where he can be caught red handed. Meanwhile, Fiona uses her time with Thomas to make Michael jealous, with mixed results.

At the same time Michael needs to flush out the man behind his burn notice’ Philip Cowan. By dangling information that would be beneficial to Fiona’s Libyan connections, he is able to manipulate the Libyans into framing Cowan. Michael’s ploy pays off when he receives a call from a very angry Philip Cowan, the man who got him burned.