Broken Rules
S1 episode 6 Aired on August 9, 2007

Ernie Paseo's business is being destroyed by local thugs who terrorize him and his customers. Michael agrees to help but soon finds out that they are part of a much larger and more dangerous criminal organization run by a beautiful but ruthless woman named Concha Ramirez. To scare off the gang, Michael poses as an out of control thief who out- thugs the thugs. Michael so impresses Concha that she recruits him for a very important assignment: to kill Ernie Paseo and his entire family. By befriending Concha's right hand man, Diego, and convincing him that he's about to be killed by his boss, Michael is able to turn the tables on Concha.

During this job Michael manages to get the upper hand on Agent Bly who is now using his bullying tactics on Sam and Fiona. By setting up offshore bank accounts in Bly's name he is able to blackmail Bly into giving him a copy of his burn notice dossier.