Unpaid Debts
S1 episode 5 Aired on August 2, 2007

A former Navy Seal who once saved Sam's life is beaten when he attempts to repo a speedboat from a Jamaican gang. Virgil hires Michael to finish the job he started. But when Michael tries to return the boat to Virgil's "client", he discovers that the client is a crooked cop and that the boat is hiding ten million dollars. Knowing that they'll both come looking for Virgil, Michael hides him at his mom's house never suspecting that a romance could be sparked between the two. Both the Jamaicans and the cops want the money. Michael, posing as Homer, one of Virgil's devoted employees, must broker a solution. By promising the money to both, he keeps them at bay long enough to come up with a plan. The plan is quickly abandoned when Virgil, out on a date with Madeline, is kidnapped by the Jamaicans. This all leads to an abandoned bridge where the money is set on fire and the cops shoot it out with the Jamaicans. With the help of Fiona and Sam, Michael is able to escape with Virgil and some of the money.

If he didn't have enough on his hands, Michael must also contend with a CSS agent who refuses to identify himself, and tries to bully Michael into backing off his burn notice. Michael turns the tables on the agent and with the help of Fiona's pickpocket skills discovers his identity.