Family Business
S1 episode 4 Aired on July 26, 2007

Michael's brother Nate introduces him to Jake Miller, an airport supervisor, who has been accepting small gifts from a family of exporters for doing them small favors. When they offered him a large gift for a larger and highly illegal favor, Jake turned them down and the threats began. Michael quickly learns that these "exporters" are really gunrunners trading in stolen military weaponry and that the patriarch of the family is a former Mossad officer who is not easily intimidated. To infiltrate the family Michael poses as an international arms dealer and befriends Eli's black sheep son, Ari. By convincing Ari that he could impress his dad by doing a huge deal with him, Michael is able to see the inner workings of the operation, disrupt it, and spook Eli and his family into leaving Miami.

Meanwhile the FBI is turning up the pressure on Sam to get something on Michael, so Michael has Sam "steal" his burn notice and turn it over. This draws the attention of people higher up the federal chain and a new round of intelligence officers are sent to Miami to check it out.