Loose Ends
S1 episode 11 Aired on September 20, 2007

With the help of his brother Nate, Michael escapes the government agents who just assassinated Philip Cowan and rescues Fiona from the heroin smugglers who are still pursuing her. In the meantime, Glen Harrick, a former Special Forces officer turned drug trafficker, has taken Sam hostage and is using violent tactics to force Sam to give him information about his "team." Sam wants to keep Michael from trying a rescue attempt that will put him in danger, so he encourages the beatings and tries to goad Harrick into killing him.  Michael and Fiona make contact with a local drug dealer and locate Harrick, who is holding Sam in a barge on the Miami River. At the same time Michael has to convince the government agents that are after him that he will cooperate if they give him the time to save his friend.

Michael makes a daring rescue attempt that puts all his skills to the test, fighting and killing Harrick, then escaping with Sam. He then makes good on his deal, following directions planted in Sam's car and giving himself up to the government agency that is hunting him he disappears into a truck on a remote bridge and is taken with the promise that he will finally get some answers...