Game Theory and Mescaline
S1 episode 9 Aired on April 6, 2020

The latest episode of Briarpatch picks up where the last one left off—with Brattle's henchman hauling off Allegra and Spivey deep into the desert. Allegra now knows it was Gene Colder who killed Felicity. Unfortunately, there's not a lot she can do with this information. Meanwhile, Chief Raytek, Senator Ramirez, and Clyde Brattle continue to plot and carry out self-interested power plays.

Brattle sends Colder packing—with a souvenir

Colder and Brattle convene in Spivey's house after the bombing at the high school. Brattle proposes a toast—"to endings"—and informs Colder that his services are no longer needed. Colder rejects Brattle's gift, a zebra-print duffle bag stuffed with cash, saying he wants another chance. Brattle reminds Colder he was once a crooked cop indebted to the mob, and that that debt was transferred to Brattle. "You took a bomb built for Spivey and used it on the Dill girl," Brattle says ruefully. "Very messy." He brings in Sid, who forcibly tattoos the back of Colder's neck with his signature wave hieroglyph. "When you work for me, it's permanent," Brattle says. Later, when Colder returns to his hotel room, his neck still raw, he sets aside a collection of chemicals and sets about dying his moustache.

Spivey and Allegra in the desert

Meanwhile, somewhere out in the desert, Brattle's henchman Harley watches over Allegra and Spivey as they dig a hole while handcuffed together. "You're gonna die out here," he assures them. But he's wrong—as Allegra lures him in to light her cigarette, Spivey cuts off his hand with a shovel, and together they choke him to death. Allegra drives off into the night with Spivey. It's her first time behind the wheel since her parents' fatal auto accident. She brings Spivey up to speed while cruising along at an uncomfortably fast speed—Colder killed Felicity, and he was Brattle's inside man who came to San Bonifacio to kill Spivey. Then, she crashes into a tree.

As they walk through the desert, bickering and still cuffed together, Spivey confesses his love to Allegra. "C'mon, You know it makes sense…us," he says. He's limping badly.

Chief Raytek wheels and deals her way towards the mayor's office

Raytek plays coy when Singe walks into her office asking about Allegra's whereabouts. Daffy Owens, Spivey's accountant, pops in, too, and drops a hefty pile of paperwork onto Raytek's desk for her to sign: "This is all of it. Everything he owns." Singe heads to Cindy's house, where she's packing up and preparing to move out. They pour over photos Harold took of Raytek for Allegra. Cindy gives Singe Harold's precious bug, along with his decryption software.

Raytek meets with Cyrus; she finally has something to offer him. "It's big, it's bright, and it's positively dripping with dollar signs," she says triumphantly. "And it can be yours." She's prepared to give the Senator all of Durango Global's recently purchased properties in exchange for his political endorsement. Cyrus eagerly accepts this offer on the Senator's behalf.

The ballad of Candy Bar Bains

As Allegra and Spivey stumble through the desert, seemingly with no end in sight, they spot a camel on top of a nearby dune. They follow it to a remote structure, where they see a man broadcasting a philosophical radio sermon out of an emptied-out pool. It's Candy Bar Bains, the vanished heir to the Bains sugar fortune and former resident of Spivey's mansion. Bains gives them water jugs and extracts a jagged shard of metal from Spivey's knee, an injury that occurred during the car crash. Bains is a shrewd, strange man who abandoned his fortune "for integrity's sake." He offers his theory that there were two bombers, then lets it slip that it was him who bombed the zoo and set the animals free. ("My bomb was a weapon of liberation," he insists.) He removes Allegra and Spivey's handcuffs and points them in the direction of a bus stop, three clicks away.

Brattle meets with Senator Ramirez

Senator Ramirez and Cyrus meet with Brattle in Felicity's secret apartment above Lupe's. Brattle asks for immunity; in exchange, he offers Ramirez a list of names of high-ranking officials whose pockets he generously lined during the events of Al-Namur. The four names belong to the Secretary of Defense, an admiral, and two senators— in other words, Ramirez's competition for next year's presidential nomination. Ramirez quickly accepts this offer.

On his way out, Brattle makes sure Ramirez wouldn't mind if Allegra never made it back to DC. After Brattle leaves, Ramirez pivots and tells Cyrus of the new plan: they'll arrest Brattle after collecting testimony from him, while simultaneously setting up back-channel meetings with the four men in order to blackmail them into dropping out of the race.

They think they're alone in Felicity's apartment, but there is someone else. Singe has been in the closet the entire time, recording. He has everything on tape.

Allegra and Spivey return to Saint Disgrace

Allegra and Spivey, both sunburnt and dead-tired, make it back to town and part ways. Allegra returns to her hotel, where Singe is waiting to embrace her. She listens to his recording of Brattle's meeting with the Senator. "I'm gonna take them all down," she says determinedly.

Spivey limps back to his house and sees a bullet hole in the head of his portrait. Daffy Owens and Raytek hand Cyrus the deeds for Durango Global with Spivey's "signature" in return for a folder filled with dirt on Mayor Salazar. Later, Raytek delivers a coded message to Colder during a televised press conference: "we will not stop until we find you." Colder watches from his hotel room, as he sits at his desk, fashioning another bomb.