Most Likely to Succeed
S1 episode 8 Aired on March 30, 2020

Walls are closing around Jacob Spivey. Meanwhile, the mystery of the culprit—or culprits—behind the two car bombings remains at the front of Allegra's mind. In this episode of Briarpatch, Spivey's meeting with the Senator goes south, and Allegra helps orchestrate a meeting between him and Brattle. It just so happens that the ideal place for this meeting is her 20th high school reunion.
Allegra and Singe consider bombing suspects
Allegra and Singe sit In their usual booth at the diner and go over bomb suspects: Lucretia Colder doesn't have an alibi for either, Raytek was out of town for the first one, Colder couldn't have planted the second one, and Spivey doesn't seem like a plausible perp. Brattle's enforcer Sid waves to them from the parking lot, and they go out to greet him. They tell Brattle to meet the Senator tomorrow morning at 11 AM in Felicity's old apartment above the tamale restaurant.
Spivey's disastrous meeting with the Senator
Senator Ramirez arrives at the spacious front yard of Spivey's mansion. Spivey pulls up in a golf cart in jocular fashion. They get to talking over a game of croquet, as Spivey prepares to offer his testimony in exchange for immunity. He tells Ramirez about a sequence of events back in 2012, when his and Brattle's outfit was contracted to arm rebels in Aleppo. Upon learning that the so-called "rebels" were actually jihadis planning to betray their allies, Spivey and company attempted to quickly retrieve the weapons. But they weren't jihadis after all—it was a setup designed to further line Brattle's pockets.
Then the meeting falls apart; when Ramirez asks about rumors of mass graves, Spivey explains that Brattle didn't kill anyone directly. Ramirez takes this to mean that Spivey himself directed the massacre of women and children. He realizes his mistake and tries to pivot, but it's too late. The Senator no longer wants his testimony.
Spivey and Allegra bemoan this turn of events until Spivey offers a bold proposal: they capture Clyde Brattle—tonight. "Whoever controls Clyde controls the whole situation," he says.
Allegra learns about Spivey and Raytek's grand scheme
Spivey calls Raytek, who attempts to win over Allegra by letting her in on a secret. A couple years back, her and Spivey hatched a plan. He'd buy up Packingtown, and she'd run for mayor so she could grant him zoning rights to develop it. She also agreed to help him take down Brattle. When Allegra asks about Felicity, Raytek gets emotional. "Your sister was precious to me," she says. "Her death is on my conscience. But it's not on my hands." They decide the best place to get Brattle is the San Bonifacio High School 20-year reunion, which just so happens to be that night. Allegra wasn't planning on going. She agrees to this plan—but she's not going to enjoy it.
Singe has a realization about the bombs
Singe offends Cindy McCabe when he suggested that Harold facilitated the bombings. She complains that her clothes still smell like tar from the first bombing; Singe realizes the second bomb didn't smell like tar, which means that the bombs were composed of different materials—and created, quite possibly, by different people. He calls Allegra to tell her of his suspicions.
Raytek's showdown with Colder
As they join the fray of reunion merrymakers in their high school gym, Allegra and Spivey put in earpieces so they are connected to each other and to Raytek outside. Brattle will be in the school's science room at 10 o'clock. The plan is for Raytek to neutralize Brattle's two men, Harley and Sid, outside, and then when Spivey gives the word, she'll rush in. Allegra and Spivey dance and reminisce; as the clock ticks closer to Brattle's arrival, Spivey gets nervous, and Allegra kisses him.
Earlier that evening, Colder finds himself stuck working at the police station. Just as he receives a text with Brattle's symbol summoning him, Sgt. Mock locks him in a supply closet as a prank.
Harley and Sid sit in their van outside the gym. Raytek and Mock sneak up on them and successfully neutralize them and toss them in the back of the van. As Raytek rushes towards the gym, she hears a gunshot; she doubles back and finds Mock with a bullet in his head and Harley and Sid gone from the van. Colder walks up, disarms her at gunpoint, and removes her earpiece. She tells him she's known about him for months now, and he insists that he's a "good cop." "You're a contract killer," she retorts. "And you're not even good at that." Suddenly, she catches him off guard and disarms him; a brutal fight ensues, until Colder recovers his weapon and shoots at the van's back door as she hides inside. He glances at his phone; a timer is now counting down under two minutes. "Shit," he mutters to himself.
Spivey and Brattle rendezvous by the punch bowl
Allegra smokes outside, listening to Spivey through her earpiece. He arrives at the science room at 10, but Brattle isn't there. He returns to the gym and sees Brattle settling in by the punch bowl. Spivey approaches him, and Allegra watches through a glass door. Brattle speaks to her through Spivey's earpiece: if she tries to enter, everyone in the gym will die.
Spivey and Brattle discuss their relationship vis-à-vis Ramirez's investigation. Brattle is disappointed, but unsurprised, that Spivey would tell Ramirez about Al-Namur. "I've had someone implanted in this town for more than a year, and he hasn't been able to lay a finger on you," Brattle says. Allegra attempts to relay this revelation to Raytek, then sprints after her when she gets radio silence. "I'm here to destroy you." Brattle says. "You crossed me." They hear a huge explosion outside, and the reunion erupts in chaos. Amidst fleeing party-goers, Harley walks up behind Spivey and knocks him unconscious.
Brattle takes Allegra and Spivey
At 10:10 PM, a bomb rips open a school bus sitting in the high school parking lot. Colder fires off a text message: "It's done." Allegra runs into him, and he tries to play it cool. She notices that he smells like tar and realizes that he's Brattle's inside man. "Felicity didn't love you," she says. "She was investigating you. You found out, and you blew her up." Just as she socks him cold, Sid approaches her from behind and places a chlorophyll rag to her mouth.
A van trundles into the night, with Spivey and her unconscious in the back, their wrists handcuffed together.