S1 episode 7 Aired on March 23, 2020

Clyde Brattle is everywhere. Last episode, he knocked out the town’s power grid, staged an invasion of Spivey’s mansion, and killed Lalo Lavantes. In this episode, Allegra goes to bat for Spivey, Captain Colder appears in an entirely new light, and another citizen of San Bonifacio bites the dust.
Senator Ramirez is coming to town
Allegra’s boss, Senator Joseph Ramirez, is throwing a political rally in San Bonifacio. Cyrus coldly turns down Raytek’s request for Ramirez’s endorsement. “Salazar is a friend,” he tells her snidely. Moments later, Allegra confronts Raytek, who insists that they are, in fact, on the “same team.” Allegra then talks to Cyrus; she had no idea Ramirez was coming. She is furious to learn that the Senator wants a meeting with Brattle. Cyrus speaks of a mass grave in a Syrian village connected to Brattle and Spivey’s operation, and Allegra begrudgingly agrees to this change in plan. Later, she returns to her hotel room to find the Senator sitting outside her door. After they sleep together, Allegra convinces him to meet with Spivey—before Brattle.
Allegra and Singe bug Raytek’s house
Allegra and Singe pay a visit to Harold and pay him $3,000 to bug Raytek. Harold goes to Raytek’s house and installs a “pineapple,” which tricks the Chief’s devices into connecting to its Wi-Fi, which in turn gives him access to all of her information. Shortly thereafter, Harold gives Allegra a call to describe Raytek’s browsing history. She’s an army veteran, and she’s been doing a lot of research into Allegra. Then he asks: “Does the name Clyde Brattle mean anything to you?”
Raytek lobbies the newspaper’s editorial board for their endorsement
After failing to secure the Senator’s endorsement, Raytek meets with the editorial board of the San Bonifacio Chronicle to pitch them on her platform. Present for the meeting is the ancient, miserly James Staghorne, who owns the newspaper. He spoils her pitch by calling her a “simplistic cow” and going on a vicious, bigoted rant about her plans to develop Packingtown. Needless to say, Raytek is not getting the endorsement. Later, she goes to Spivey and informs him that she’s pulling his protection detail. “We have to develop Packingtown,” she says. “The Staghornes are going to fight like hell to stop us.” He reminds her that he’s powerless unless he gains immunity.
Marital strife at the Colder household comes to a head
Lucretia Colder puts up flyers regarding her lost cat, Donna, and lets off some steam at the San Bonifacio shooting range. All the while she listens to audio she’s obtained of her husband’s affair with Felicity. Gene Colder’s pet name for Felicity? “Butterscotch.” Meanwhile, Colder is determined to smooth things over with Lucretia, and he offers to come home early so they can have dinner, watch TV, and turn a new leaf in their relationship.
Colder has a rifle with the sight fixed on Spivey’s mansion. Brattle’s goon, Sid, arrives to check up on him. “You got the kill order weeks ago,” he reminds Colder. When Colder insists that the situation is complicated, Sid threatens to kill him if he doesn’t execute soon.
Lucretia calls Colder because it’s 5 PM and he’s late. She leaves an angry voicemail and invites over Singe for champagne, dancing, and other flirtations. While she’s not paying attention, he discretely listens to a device in her bag and hears intimate audio of Colder and Felicity. He calls Allegra to come over.
Colder is staking out Spivey. To his great dismay, he receives a text from Lucretia that Singe and Allegra are over and that he shouldn’t bother coming home. As Allegra presses her, Lucretia confesses that she spied on Felicity, citing a man in town who can “get dirt on anyone.” As they leave, Allegra tells Singe that she wants to go through Harold’s files, seeing as he’s been stalking Felicity for two different people.
Colder gets home to find Lucretia drunk. She accuses him of killing their cat and drops the word “Butterscotch” until it’s obvious that she had bugged Colder. He’s absolutely livid, and Lucretia is in turn hysterical and upset. “I can make this right,” she tells her husband.
The death of Harold Snow
Allegra goes to Harold’s house and locates his stash of USB drives and manila envelopes. She takes photos from the one labeled “Colder”. In another folder labeled “Dill, F.,” she finds discretely taken photos of Felicity and Colder sitting in a car. At this moment, Harold goes to answer the door and is shot dead. The cops arrive and arrest Lucretia, who’s sitting against a telephone poll with the murder weapon still in her hand.
Colder steals a bin of evidence from the crime scene. He opens a USB drive marked with his name and finds not only photos of him and Felicity, but photos of him with Brattle’s goon. He promptly drops the USB drive in his “World’s Greatest Husband” mug.
Allegra cheers up Jake Spivey with good news
Allegra goes to Spivey’s mansion, where morale is low in the aftermath of the invasion, the death of Lalo, and Brattle’s long shadow. Allegra notices a model of a Packingtown development on Spivey’s desk and tells him he got her a meeting with the Senator tomorrow morning, which lifts his spirits. “It’s the only play we have left Jake,” she says. “I need you to win. One meeting, we both get free.