The Most Sinful Mf-er Alive
S1 episode 6 Aired on March 16, 2020

Power is out all over San Bonifacio, and it wasn't an accident. Someone blew the transformers at the switching station. Clyde Brattle's crew is about to invade Jake Spivey's mansion, but Brattle is elsewhere. Chaos unfolds across San Bonifacio, and Allegra somehow manages to stay in the middle of everything.
Here's how everything went down in the latest episode of Briarpatch.
Power outage at the brewery
At the brewery, Lalo tries to keep the migrants calm amidst the power outage. Allegra learns that Felicity knew about this operation and that Spivey has been bankrolling it. None of his security guards are trained, they're just guys Lalo helped across the border who needed a job.
Brattle's boys invade Spivey's mansion
Spivey watches on CCTV as eight armed members of Brattle's crew invade his property. "I knew it was old Clyde when the power blew," Spivey says before taking an enthusiastic bump of cocaine. He gives a pep talk to his "cavalry," most of which has zero experience with firearms, as bullets pierce the upper windows. At that moment, Allegra walks in, punches him, and asks him point blank if he killed Felicity. He resents this question and pushes her into a locked panic room. Spivey heads outside and returns with a bloody knife, then returns inside and engages one of Brattle's goon, Anatol, in hand-to-hand combat.
Spivey takes a bullet
Allegra finds herself in the panic room with Daffy Owens, Spivey's accountant. They chat about Spivey's history. Allegra reveals that, 12 years ago, she was working as a reporter at a wire news service in DC. Spivey returned from Iraq and helped her blackmail a predatory Congressman; it backfired, and she took the fall. Daffy tells her that Spivey's money went into shell companies like Durango Global, with real estate deals that are effectively worthless without immunity. Daffy punches in the code to let Allegra out of the panic room. She exits and sees Spivey incapacitate Anatol using a sleeper hold. Anatol wakes up, grabs his gun and fires; Spivey takes a bullet to the abdomen as he shields Allegra. As Anatol struggles to reload, Spivey pounces and beats him to death with his bare hands.
Allegra realizes that Brattle's invasion was a distraction
With all of Brattle's men neutralized, Allegra escorts the wounded Spivey to a couch. Allegra realizes that this invasion was a distraction from Brattle's true target, and she knows where he is now. "He doesn't want to kill you, Jake," she says. "He wants to expose you. Ruin you."
Meanwhile, Captain Colder enters Spivey's house and surveys the aftermath of this small-scale battle, the duration of which he spent "securing the perimeter." He finds Raytek with Spivey; she gives him a hard time before sending him packing. Spivey is angry that Raytek's promised back-up never arrived. He tells her Brattle knows about the brewery. "Jesus Christ, Jake," she replies. "Don't tell me anyone's still in there?"
Electrical fire at the brewery
An electrical fire erupts at the brewery. The migrants attempt to flee, but the doors are chained shut. Brattle watches outside, sipping a martini. They manage to escape as Allegra arrives. She offers shelter until morning, but they decline the offer. Lalo tells her that he failed to keep them safe. Brattle confronts Lalo at the edge of the brewery. "The only reason I'm spending more than a heartbeat [in San Bonifacio] is to ruin someone's life," he says. "You got in the way of that tonight." Lalo pulls a gun on Brattle, but Brattle disarms him, then lets his muscle guy shoot Lalo dead.
Raytek announces mayoral campaign
Raytek delivers a press conference regarding last night's blackout. The purpose of the conference is to castigate San Bonifacio's weak, greedy leadership and announce her candidacy for mayor. Singe tells Allegra that Laffter is alive and reminds her that Raytek was the one who planted the Chronicle's hit piece on Felicity.
Somewhere out in the desert, Colder arrives at Brattle's trailer. "I can fix this," he says.