Behind God's Back
S1 episode 5 Aired on March 9, 2020

Floyd Ferness is dead, and Allegra knows that her sister's killer is still out there. She also knows that Felicity had been investigating something in Packingtown; when Strucker got mad at her for it, she took out a life insurance policy. Three weeks later, someone murdered her.
Drones in the desert
A human smuggler leaves a young Mexican migrant girl in the desert with nothing but a jug of water and promises her that someone will come to get her. It's not someone but something; a drone arrives and leads her to a makeshift shelter. A truck arrives. It's Lalo Lavantes, the border patrolman who knows Allegra. "Don't be afraid," he tells the girl. "Come with me." With the girl secured, he grabs his drone and drives off.
Allegra asks Harold Snow to decrypt the tape
Allegra wakes up hungover on Singe's couch. Over breakfast, she shows Singe the bug from Felicity's secret apartment that Ferness handed her before he died. "I think she was undercover," Allegra says. She declares her new plan: to get the tape decrypted, head to Packingtown, and figure out what Felicity had been investigating. They hire Harold Snow to make a decrypted playable copy; he is thrilled to be reunited with his treasured bug.
Laffter's rogue investigation into Spivey hits a roadblock
Mayor Salazar attempts to bully Chief Raytek into looking into Durango Global, a company buying up tracts of land in Packingtown. The police closed the car bombing case after Ferness' death, but Raytek tells Colder that something "isn't sitting right" with her about the Ferness story.
Freddie Laffter heads to Jake Spivey's house to ask him some questions. Their conversation reveals that Spivey grew up poor, and that his dad died in a work accident on the slaughterhouse floor. Spurred on his by his journalistic duty to "comfort the afflicted and inflict the comfortable," Laffter presses him about his involvement in a Middle Eastern civil war and asks if he had anything to do with the police car bombings. At this moment, Spivey's guests arrive—it's the Staghornes, the father-son duo who run the newspaper. They order Laffter to quit nosing around and get to work on some other story.
Allegra learns about Felicity's connection to the slaughterhouse
Allegra realizes Felicity may have been staking out the slaughterhouse—the same one Brattle took her to see. She and Singe head to the slaughterhouse, where they spot a teen skulking around upstairs. They give chase, but he gets away.
Next, they head to an old bowling alley, where they talk to a scraggly German man for whom Allegra used to work back in the day. He pulls out a year-old copy of the San Bonifacio Chronicle featuring a picture of Felicity, Strucker, and Ferness, along with the front-page headline, "Fresh Meat: Cops Bust Drug Smuggling Scheme in Slaughterhouse." The man tells them that, a couple months after the bust, a company bought the slaughterhouse and left it empty; someone was still working there, but only at nights. He then points Allegra in the direction of a local burger joint where the town's teenage sleazebags tend to congregate.
There, in the parking lot, she finds the smoldering remains of a drone. She confronts the surly teen she saw at the slaughterhouse. "Why'd you go back to the slaughterhouse?" she asks. "You did a shit job of destroying the evidence. Whoever paid you won't be too happy."
Allegra forms a new theory
Allegra and Singe head to the border patrol office, where they talk to a man named Hardy. He tells them that Lalo worked a big drug bust with SBPD a while back and was angry that they cropped him out of the front-page photo alongside Felicity, Strucker, and Ferness. After Hardy tells them Lalo went out to the desert this morning, Allegra forms a new theory: Lalo helped bust the drug outfit at the slaughterhouse, then filled the vacuum himself. They head to the press club to talk to Lalo's father; Allegra sees Lalo downstairs and confronts him. She accuses him of using drones to smuggle drugs and killing Felicity to halt the police investigation. Lalo furiously denies Allegra's accusation.
Earlier that day, the Chronicle had run a cover story in its afternoon edition with the headline "Last of Crooked Cops Taken Down by Straight Shooter" and a picture of Ferness alongside portraits of Strucker and Felicity. The story, penned by Laffter, alleges that Felicity was squeezing Packingtown criminals for a cut, and that when she iced out Ferness, he killed her. Allegra is certain someone planted this article. While she talks to Lalo, Singe confronts Laffter upstairs. "Your story is a sham," he says angrily. He demands Laffter clear Felicity's name and threatens to file a libel suit. Laffter admits that Raytek fed him the story, then collapses in front of Singe.
Allegra listens to the decrypted tape of Felicity, then makes a discovery
An argument between Allegra and Singe leads to them hooking up. That night, she finds a decrypted copy of the tape that Harold left on Singe's doorstep. She listens. Felicity says: "We have to talk. I need help. No, not there, it's not safe. Meet me in Packingtown."
That night, she watches an employee at the burger joint drop a backpack just inside the fence of an abandoned brewery. When the employee walks away, Allegra approaches and opens the backpack, only to find that it's filled with wrapped hamburgers. She proceeds to the brewery; where she happens upon a large group of migrants hiding out. Lalo's there, too. "You shouldn't have come here," he says. Suddenly, they hear an explosion and peer into a bright flash in the distance. Then, everything goes dark. The power is out.