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S1 episode 4 Aired on March 2, 2020

It's the day of Felicity's funeral. For Allegra it begins with a hangover and a call from Floyd Ferness. She accuses him of being a creep towards Felicity and hiring Harold to bug her apartment, but he breaks his phone in half rather than tell Allegra what recordings his bug may have picked up. So it goes.
Felicity's funeral: an all-day affair
Allegra heads to the police station in a car driven by the cheery Sergeant Henry Mock, who has provided a cooler full of cold beers. Allegra lets Chief Raytek know Ferness called to proclaim his innocence. Raytek leads her officers in a toast to Felicity, and Allegra tells Colder she's not interested in saying anything at the service.
At the funeral service, Spivey pulls Allegra aside into a children's classroom, and he pours liquor from his flask into Dixie cups so they can toast to Felicity. Singe joins them, and they remember how Allegra's parents died—by plunging 90 yards over the side of the mountain. It was 20 years ago; Allegra was 17 and Felicity was 7. Allegra jokes that her dad died from impact and her mom died from relief.
Allegra leaves the funeral mid-service; outside, she updates an expectant Cyrus on Brattle. Cyrus asks her to meet with him again, and she urges him to cut the deal with Spivey, not Brattle, who has been the primary target all along. Plus, she already offered Spivey a deal; he won't talk until Brattle is in custody.
After the service, Freddie Laffter tells Allegra he heard about a "screaming match" between Felicity and Strucker; apparently, she "couldn't keep her nose out of [neighboring] Packingtown, even after he took her off the beat." This was three weeks ago—right when she took out that insurance policy. Sgt. Mock echoes Laffter with his own report of a recent "family quarrel" between Strucker and Felicity.
Ferness shot dead at the cemetery
As she walks into the cemetery to lay her sister to rest, Allegra tells Spivey of the last time she saw Felicity. It was three years ago, in DC. After a Senatorial investigation into a case of insider trading took a disastrous turn, Felicity turned up and helped her get back on her feet.
Allegra still has zero interest in speaking publicly today. As Singe speaks on her behalf, she snaps; she absconds with Felicity's official police portrait and takes it to a nearby tree. "Fuck you for making me come back here," she says, crying.
Ferness suddenly appears from behind the tree and hands her the recording from Felicity's apartment. "I think it'll tell you who killed her," he says. Only Snow has the keys, and it's encrypted. "You need to scream now," he says. "This needs to look real." Officers descend on the tree as Ferness pretends to hold Allegra captive. She whispers that she knows it wasn't him. Then, he runs for the last time. He doesn't get far before Colder shoots him dead.