Terrible, Shocking Things
S1 episode 3 Aired on February 24, 2020

Things are heating up in San Bonifacio. Aided by Singe, Allegra continues to dig into Felicity’s records in search of clues while she simultaneously presses Spivey for dirt on Clyde Brattle. Meanwhile, Brattle has crossed the Mexican border into Texas. The clock is ticking, and as Allegra learns, answers, clues, and information only beget more questions.


Here’s everything that went down in Briarpatch, Episode 103: 


Singe and Allegra aren’t convinced of Ferness’ guilt


Singe and Allegra watch police chief Raytek’s news conference declaring a manhunt for suspected car bomber Floyd Ferness. Allegra tells Singe she’s unsure Ferness is guilty; Laffter called the bombs “out of town talent.” Singe gives her an update on Felicity’s accounts, which he has been pouring over. “Thankfully, she kept things simple.” He determines that the next step is to convince someone “with influence” to grant access to Felicity’s cell phone records.


Spivey throws a massive day party at his mansion


Spivey is hosting a lavish party at his compound. It’s his Hawaiian-themed fundraiser for mayor Antonio Salazar’s 4th consecutive re-election campaign, and it comes complete with leis, giraffes, roasted pig on a spit, and the county’s youngest Elvis impersonator. A drunken Salazar gives a horrendous speech to his would-be donors. Allegra informs Spivey that a man broke into her hotel room and stole his deposition. The deposition, she explains, is his only chance to avoid federal prison; American weapons disappeared in Syria and he got rich, and now, either him or Clyde Brattle is going down. Spivey denies involvement in the car bombings, and he suggests that the theft of the deposition was Brattle’s handiwork.


Meanwhile, Singe chats up a woman named Lucretia, who turns out to be Colder’s wife. After helping him leverage Salazar’s inebriation to access Felicity’s phone records and location, she goes cold when she sees Allegra: “I know you. You’re my husband’s dead fiancee’s sister.”


Allegra and Singe discover Harold Snow snooping around Felicity’s real apartment


Allegra and Singe follow Felicity’s phone to Lupe’s, a restaurant specializing in tamales. The restaurant doesn’t have the phone, but she insists it’s at this location as Singe tries to calm her down. Then, Allegra notices a small apartment situated above the restaurant; she unscrews the face off a power outlet and pulls out a key. They enter the apartment. This is where Felicity lived. Singe finds her burner phone lying under a pillow.


They find Harold Snow hiding in the back of Felicity’s closet. Allegra greets him with a punch to the face and ties him up. Singe finds a pistol in his toolbox; Harold insists he’s just simply here looking for his “bug”—a pricey piece of surveillance equipment that someone stole from the apartment. He reveals that Ferness paid him to bug Felicity.


Clyde Brattle arrives in San Bonifacio


Shortly after Allegra leaves Felicity’s apartment, a Winnebago pulls up on her in a quiet, dark street. Out steps Clyde Brattle, a dapper man with an unnerving smile. She climbs aboard and meets his henchmen, including the man who choked her out and stole the deposition. “You came back at the wrong time.” According to Brattle’s version of events, he “reclaimed” $40 million worth of American guns and “sold them for quite a bit more than that.” He suggests he receive a slap on the wrist—a couple years in a minimum-security prison and a reasonable fine—but Allegra tells him the Senator wants more.


Brattle gives Allegra a flashlight and drops her off at an unfamiliar location with an ominous parting message: “Do not believe a word Jake Spivey says.” Allegra heads to an abandoned slaughterhouse, where meat hooks still dangle from the ceiling. To her surprise, a fleet of drones abruptly lifts off, hovers around her, then disperses, out of the slaughterhouse and into the night sky.