Snap, Crackle, Pop
S1 episode 2 Aired on February 13, 2020

The first episode of Briarpatch was book-ended by two car bombings; the first killed the young police officer Felicity Dill, and the second nearly killed her sister, Allegra. In episode two, Allegra works to appease the demands of her boss, a Texas Senator, while also launching her own investigation into Felicity's death. Something is rotten in San Bonifacio, TX.

Allegra regroups following the second car bomb

Allegra has a concussion from the car bomb, but Cyrus still expects her to deliver Jake Spivey's deposition—ASAP. When she asks Singe how he knew about the bomb, he replies that he simply doesn't trust cops. She asks him to locate documents pertaining to the sale of the apartment complex that Allegra owned to find out where her money came from.

Allegra meets police chief Eve Raytek in the bathroom of the police station. Raytek greets her with a giant hug, promises to find out who killed Allegra, and lets her know that Strucker is in the hospital clinging to life.

Allegra learns about Felicity's ex-boyfriend, Floyd Ferness

Freddie Laffter fills in Allegra regarding her target, Clyde Brattle. He's a "part-time American gun runner" and "full-time international fugitive," not to mention an old partner of Spivey. She heads to the house of Felicity's tenants and the last people to see her alive, Harold Snow and Cindy McCabe. Cindy tells Allegra about Felicity's aggressive ex-boyfriend, who drove a beat-up truck. Moments later, a truck just like the one Cindy described rolls by.

Allegra heads to Felicity's apartment, where she finds Colder grabbing a change of clothes. He tells Allegra that he gave Felicity money for their future together. He identifies Felicity's ex as Floyd Ferness, the best running back to ever come out of San Bonifacio. When injuries derailed his career, he returned to his hometown to join the SBPD. Felicity dumped him just before he got fired from the force.

Snow cones with Spivey and a run-in with Ferness

Allegra meets up with Spivey, who greets her with snow cones. They reminisce, trailed by four of Spivey's men. He hands her a folder containing his deposition, but seeing as it doesn't name Brattle, it is of little use. When she presses him for more information, he realizes she's under a time crunch. "Why would I go naming names before you even arrest the guy I'm naming?" he asks.

On the way to the zoo, Allegra realizes the truck is following her. It's Ferness. She decides to puncture his tire with her newly purchased drill. Flustered, he insists that he didn't kill Felicity and tells Allegra that she was onto something before her death. "She was gonna take 'em all down, it's why she had to go," he explains. He then makes a run for it; he dashes across the zoo parking lot and gets away from a pursuing Allegra, despite his pronounced limp.

Raytek secures a warrant for Ferness' arrest

Allegra finds Cyrus waiting for her back at the hotel. When he asks about the whereabouts of Spivey's deposition, she informs him that he won't talk until they nab Brattle. "He's coming to kill Jake, isn't he?" she asks. Cyrus brushes off her protests and orders to secure a usable deposition.

Allegra heads to a bar where a group of police officers have congregated for happy hour. Raytek tells her that they've identified Ferness as their primary suspect in the car bombings and secured a warrant for his arrest. When Allegra suggests Colder, Felicity's other boyfriend, Raytek says that Colder has an alibi for the second bomb.

Singe informs Allegra that Colder is the one who bought the apartment complex. Allegra calls Spivey to let him know that Brattle crossed the border and may be headed to San Bonifacio. As she arrives back at her hotel room, an intruder places her in a sleeper hold, takes Spivey's deposition, and walks out.