S1 episode 10 Aired on April 13, 2020

At last, the season finale of Briarpatch. Allegra possesses an ace in the hole, the incrimination recording of Senator Ramirez's meeting with Clyde Brattle. The question is: what is she going to do with it?
Here's what happened.
Allegra goes after Gene Colder
Allegra plays the recording of the Ramirez-Brattle meeting for Spivey. He is ecstatic—this is his golden ticket to gaining immunity! But his enthusiasm quickly wanes when Allegra tells him that she intends to give Brattle the recording as payment for bringing her Colder. She instructs Spivey to break off his deal with Eve Raytek. Later, she tells Singe that she thinks Colder is still in town. Singe pays a visit to Lucretia in hopes of coaxing her into offering information about her husband.
Spivey heads to Raytek's house and tells her he's not getting immunity, and that he's ready to accept his punishment and head to jail. He lets an indignant Raytek know that Allegra has dirt on Senator Ramirez—dirt she intends to trade to Brattle in exchange for Colder.
Allegra sets up a meeting with Brattle
Brattle gets a call from "Harley." It's Allegra. She plays him a recording from his Ramirez meeting, and suggests that Ramirez is going to try to screw him over. To counter this, she proposes an in-person meeting so that they can make a trade: the tape for Colder. She pays Freddie Laffter a visit in the hospital and confirms that Strucker was his secret police source. That's why he was bombed. Allegra hands Freddie the folder labeled "Raytek" that Cindy gave to Singe. Allegra leaves it up to Freddie on what to do with the folder, but she leaves him with some parting words: "Time's up for the Staghornes. The Chief."

Meanwhile, the Chief has all but cleared the path to the mayor's office by blackmailing Salazar into resigning. "Eve, I didn't know how old those twins were!" Salazar pleads. Later on, Colder scurries through Raytek's doggie door and menaces her with a gun. She neutralizes the threat by handing him a cold can of orange soda and offering him what he wants: a way out of this great mess.
Blood is shed at the slaughterhouse
Allegra and Spivey greet Brattle at the slaughterhouse. She reveals the Zune holding the precious recording. "Whoever has this controls [the Senator]," she explains. "Give me what I want and it's yours. Gene Colder." Brattle agrees. Suddenly, Colder announces his presence by shooting Sid, who was standing guard outside. He then marches in and promptly shoots Brattle dead.
Colder attempts to tell his side of the story—that he's a good guy, that he never killed Felicity, but rather another, traitorous woman who wore her face. "That woman had to die so I could keep loving my Felicity," he says. "Don't you understand? I still love her!" Allegra sees right through him: "You're a dirty cop, a coward, and a killer." Jake, annoyed by Colder, abruptly shoots him in the stomach. Raytek arrives out of nowhere and fires a second, fatal slug into Colder's body. She admits to setting the second bomb and explains how she's going to explain these bodies: Colder died heroically in a gunfight with Clyde Brattle.
Battle for the Zune
Allegra explains that she deduced that Raytek was the second bomber by going through her old military records. She blew up Strucker in order to prevent Colder from flipping on Brattle, and by extension, preserving her own chances to make big headlines. Strucker was the only cop that was on to her. Raytek admits that she convinced Felicity to fake a relationship with Colder. She also admits that she traded all of Spivey's land for her political future. Spivey is fuming, but Allegra still doesn't give him the Zune. She walks out of the slaughterhouse and lets him and Raytek fight over it: "You two deserve each other."
Raytek emerges from the scuffle teeth bloody and Zune in hand. As she turns the ignition on her car, she spots a crumpled orange soda can on her dashboard: Colder. Her car explodes just as she connects the dots. Spivey wanders out and sees the Zune on the ground near Raytek's blazing car. He listens—it's the wrong tape. Bait and switch, courtesy of Allegra Dill.
Allegra quits
Cyrus is waiting for Allegra back at her hotel. She informs them that she has everything from the Ramirez-Brattle meeting on tape, and that if they come after her, she'll release it. The FBI is coming to arrest Spivey. Oh, and she quits. Sid's unexpected attempt to kill her as she leaves nearly succeeds—until an escaped zoo tiger bounds down the hallway and mauls him, allowing her to escape.
Allegra rendezvous with Singe at the shabby, boarded up house where she grew up. When he asks her what she's going to do now, she replies, "For the first time, I don't know." She takes his car—"Put it on my bill"—and they hug goodbye. As she heads into the house to retrieve the Zune that Singe stowed away for her, Spivey pulls up in his car.
Allegra tells him that she figured it out: he was the one that Felicity called in her time of need. Spivey denies blame—he simply told Raytek, who promised him that everything would be alright—and once again professes his love for Allegra, "it's always been all for you. My whole life." Allegra rejects him and walks out with the Zune; Spivey raises his gun but can't bring himself to pull the trigger. Allegra hops in Singe's car and drives away.
Goodbye, San Bonifacio
Singe signs Felicity's apartment over to Cindy McCabe. From his bed, Freddie types away, working on the biggest story of his life. Cyrus dumps the Durango Global deeds—along with his cell phone—onto a fire burning in a trash can. Spivey sits in his panic room, pondering his fate.
Allegra Dill drives off into the countryside, beyond the city limits of San Bonifacio.