First Time in Saint Disgrace
S1 episode 1 Aired on February 6, 2020

Day breaks, and it's already pushing triple digits Fahrenheit. A young cop named Felicity Dill heads next door to the property she owns to collect rent from her tenants. Pay today, she threatens them, or you're out. She gets in her car to head to work. She turns the ignition and her car explodes.
Felicity Dill is dead. Welcome to the border town of San Bonifacio, TX.
Allegra Dill arrives in San Bonifacio
Allegra Dill, older sister of Felicity and investigator for a Senate sub-committee, touches down at the San Bonifacio airport. Her return to her hometown is almost surreal. Not only is her sister dead, half the animals from the zoo have escaped and are now loitering around town. Giraffes graze in public parks. A kangaroo is lying in the street.
Allegra proceeds to have several meetings around San Bonifacio. Some planned, others unplanned; some with familiar parties, others with unfamiliar faces.
Allegra meets A.D. Singe
As Allegra checks in to her hotel, a man named A.D. Singe introduces himself. He was Felicity's friend and lawyer. Singe tells Allegra that, two hours after Felicity's death, a detective named Strucker called and asked him to meet at Felicity's bank. They opened up her safe deposit box and found a three-week old life insurance policy worth $1.7 million along with a will listing Allegra as her sole beneficiary.
Allegra meets Detectives Strucker and Colder
Two San Bonifacio PD detectives knock on Allegra's door: Calvin Strucker and Gene Colder. The three of them discuss why Felicity might have taken out the insurance policy. "When did my sister go bad?" Allegra asks. Colder rejects this line of thinking and insists that Felicity was honest police. Strucker promises to find out what happened before Felicity's funeral. Colder informs Allegra that he was in the process of leaving his wife to marry Felicity.
Allegra meets with Cyrus
Cyrus, emissary of Allegra's boss Senator Joseph Ramirez, tells Allegra that her sister's death neatly coincides with a political mission. Jacob Spivey, her childhood friend and a target of the Senator's investigation, still lives in town. It's only logical that she should visit Spivey to take his sworn testimony while she's in town.
Allegra meets Freddie Laffter
Allegra meets veteran reporter Freddie Laffter for dinner to talk about her sister. He tells her that Colder is a liar, and he believes that "someone with money" killed Felicity. A professional job, he insists, carried out by "out-of-state talent." Someone Felicity had dirt on.
Allegra meets with the Senator
Allegra returns to her hotel room to find the Senator waiting for her. He wonders if Spivey is responsible for Felicity's death and tells her that he wants Spivey to flip so that they can nab their primary target: a man named Clyde Brattle. She slaps him and even punches him as he weaves flirty innuendos into this discussion, but this is all foreplay; they wind up sleeping together. Allegra and the Senator have an unorthodox relationship.
Allegra meets with Jacob Spivey
Spivey greets Allegra warmly as she arrives at his house, one of the most massive in all of San Bonifacio. He affectionately calls her by her old nickname, "Pick." She tells him they've located Clyde Brattle in Mexico City. He calls BS. "More folks have seen Brattle since Aleppo than Elvis, Tupac, and Jesus combined. He's deader than all three of 'em," Spivey says. Allegra tells him Brattle is extraditable, and the Senator only needs one of them. Thus begins the deposition of John Jacob Spivey, which they record on Spivey's in-house taping machine. Spivey wants immunity—in writing—in return for flipping on his former boss, who disappeared 12 years ago in Aleppo.
A second car bombing rocks San Bonfacio
Allegra sneaks into Felicity's apartment, where she runs into Strucker in the dark. He lets her snoop around. The Impressionist prints decorating the walls, the absence of tarragon in the pantry, and the general tidiness lead her to believe that this was not Felicity's apartment. It's been three years since Allegra last saw Felicity and nine years since she was last in San Bonifaco, but she knows her sister. Strucker admits that Felicity didn't live there, or at least not full time, for safety reasons. As Strucker invites her to see where Felicity lived, Singe arrives and discretely dissuades Allegra from getting in Strucker's car. As they walk away, the car explodes. Allegra goes to the hospital. She is physically fine, but deeply shaken.