Episode 202 "Misadventures In Babysitting" Gif Recap

Todd and Julie have to head down to South Carolina for a night to meet with the contractor renovating Faye’s house.

Chase and Savannah will be left in charge at the house for the very first time. This’ll go swimmingly, right Todd?

Todd leaves strict instructions for Chase and Savannah to follow. "Going out" and “having fun” are not on the list.

Todd, Julie and Chloe set out on their road trip, and Todd quickly regrets their lack of Katy Perry for the car.

Unfortunately, Todd, aka Mr. Perfect, forgot some very important business papers. There’s a first time for everything, right Julie?

While Todd and Julie make a stop at Faye’s…

…Chase is already making plans to bust out of the Chrisley house.

Unfortunately, he’ll need Grayson’s silence, which does not come cheap. The youngest Chrisley boy wants $100 to keep his mouth shut.

Chase’s best friend Tyler comes over, but he’s more interested in hanging with Savannah than Chase.

Chase doesn’t like this development one bit.

At the same time, Todd feels a disturbance in the force.

Back in Atlanta, Tyler gives Savannah a ride to the nail salon.

Chase says “nah” to Grayson’s eye doctor appointment.

And takes his little bro on a lunch date with his newest girl. Chase doesn’t think he’s being a bad influence, but…

The corruption continues at a poker game with Chase’s buddies. Grayson seems to be taking it in stride.

While Savannah gabs it up with her friend at the salon.

Meanwhile, Julie realizes she forgot her wallet, which means the whole trip is a wash. Back to Atlanta!

With their parents returning, it’s a race against the clock for the Chrisley kids! Will they make it home in time?