Episode 201 "Rules For Dating My Teenage Daughter" Gif Recap

With the summer kicking off, things are as crazy as ever in the Chrisley house.

Julie is excited about restarting her career in real estate.

But Todd doesn’t want to be relegated to dinner duty.  

Meanwhile, Savannah’s thinks her facetime boyfriend Spencer is dreamy. 

And she wants to go on a real-life date.  Todd’s feelings on that are…um…

Later, Julie goes to work while Todd tries his hand at playing house husband.

Chase lends a hand.

And Savannah steps in to try to keep things on track.

The results are…well...

Meanwhile, Savannah hasn’t forgotten about her date.  Faye is supportive.

Todd is not.

But he eventually relents…under one condition.

Faye couldn’t be more delighted.

Savannah, on the other hand…

But a date’s a date, right?  And everyone is excited.

First, Todd has gentle talk with Spencer about his expectations for the evening.

Then the two budding lovebirds set off for their evening out with Nanny in tow.  

And as it turns out, Savannah isn’t the only Chrisley that Todd should be worried about getting some action on this magical night…